An American Journal: Day 13 and 14 (Springfield)

The next couple of days slowed down considerably, but undoubtedly every good holiday should be generously filled with moments to relax and appreciate not having to do very much of anything.

Sunday was spent, as many Sunday’s are spent, with our feet up on the bed, the couch or the patio furniture. We spent the day working on our little projects and giving long hours to the television.

The day passed without much notice until Mari’s friend Maggie arrived late in the afternoon to catch up and eat dinner with Mari and the family. Wendy cooked up some tasty honey-glazed chicken and scalloped potatoes and gave us reason to sit down and catch up with Maggie’s life and the goings on in Springfield. It didn’t take long though before we returned to our familiar positions in front of the television with a Sunday night movie.

Monday arrived with none of it usual aggression and we eased into it with fried eggs on wholewheat bread covered in a generous spread of humus. Good eating by now is just how things are and it didn’t take much convincing to get Mari to join me in a morning run down to the local park. The park is full of bright green hills and trees beginning to shed their leaves for the winter. Two ponds sit between the ups and downs of the park and running is a lot less of a chore with the ducks and squirrels actively prepping for the coming winter.

Later in the afternoon, as Bill met up with his proofreader for his upcoming illustrated book of Springfield, we joined him at the local coffee shop. The coffee shop is a trendy little hangout called William Van’s and luckily for us it served beer alongside its creative coffee options. After knocking back a beer in the cosy shop while Bill discussed the finer details of his book, it was time for a much anticipated dinner.

We were going to a place called Darcy’s Pub where I had been recommended by our friends back home to try the Horseshoe. A horseshoe is basically a piece of thick bread, covered in your choice of meat, covered in crinkle cut fries and finally drenched in cheese sauce. It’s a meal that’d probably make anyone with even the idea of a diet in their head turn away, but I couldn’t go home and look people in the eye without attempting it. Mari ordered a ponyshoe, a smaller version of the same thing, and chose a version that used ground beef and a spicy tomato topping. I chose a buffalo chicken version with blue cheese sauce on the side. At first I was sure we wouldn’t finish, but we knuckled down, split our meals between us and set to work. Honestly, it was pretty delicious. It was just the right combination of everything to be a meal that keeps you shoveling bite after bite into your mouth, despite that nagging voice in your head which says “you’ll pay for this.”

When we finally paid the bill and stood up, we were considerably heavier than when we started. We wobbled ourselves past tables of people who must have been horse shoe regulars, and who at that point we thought we might resemble, and rolled ourselves into the car for the drive home. I recommend trying the horseshoe if you ever find yourself in Springfield, but be prepared for the post meal food coma and a weeks worth of exercise to work it all off.

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